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Biodegradable paper plate machine

Biodegradable paper plate machine
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Product Code : ZMC-1150
Brand Name : SH brand
Product Description

SH Fiber Molding Machinery is one of the experienced fiber pulp molding machinery line manufacturer in the industrial market for experienced technology research improvements and updating on the fiber pulp molding machine industry. The machinery lines are primarily compostable and renewable products making with high long term quality with food containers, paper pulp tray, and other industrial high end packages for mobile phone box,etc.


Machine Type

Forming moil planten size

The plate quantity in one forming mold and capacity (12  plate)

The plate quantity in one forming mold and capacity (10 plate)

The plate quantity in one forming mold and capacity (8 plate)

Normal capacity PER SET

Automatic ZMC- Z900


Capacity: 600pcs/ hr

Capacity: 1080pcs/ hr

Capacity: 1920pcs/ hr

500kg/ day- 700kg/ day

Automatic ZMC- Z1150


Capacity: 1080pcs/ hr

Capacity: 1920pcs/ hr

Capacity: 3000pcs/ hr

1000kg/ day- 1200kg/ day

  • Workshop space: 100m2-200m2.
  • Workforce require about 2-3 workers per shift.
  • Forming type: pulp molding vacuum forming method
  • Drying way: Intenal die drying structure

Production Flow process

Raw material: bamboo pulp/sugarcane bagasse pulp/ paper pulp, other fiber pulps mixing and agitating into the pulping pools supply

To forming machine system: forming, hot pressing, edge-cutting process

To trimming process( optional need to based on customer's demand)

Inspection and Packaging of final products.

The sugarcane pulp plate making machine requires small workshop size, mostly high-efficient working speed, producing 100% biodegradable products.

The production line is mainly producing plates, clamshell and food container, bowls compostable tableware products, to be green and low carbon lifestyle.

Xiangtan SH Machinery Development Co.,Ltd

Contact Details

High-tech Industrial Zone, Xiangtan City, Hunan PR, Xiangtan - 411100, Hunan, China
Mrs Lynee (Business Manager)
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